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Latest News:

30 September: An Ask-Me-Anything (AMA) Session with the Sikoba team

15 September : Sikoba has signed a contract with De Kär to develop the electronic version of the Beki regional currency

27 August : Sikoba has signed an MoU with Chelma Advisory Institute, Kenyan micro-credit operator

27 July : version of v0.4.4-beta sikobaPay for Android released

AMA Session with the Sikoba Team

On 30th of September, Sikoba team hosted a LIVE AMA Session at sikobaNetwork’s Telegram Channel. During one hour, our team members took turns to answer various questions from the growing community of Sikoba followers. Read more...

Jala / Sikoba cooperation agreement

Sikoba has entered into a partnership agreement with Jala, developers of the Jala ID+ Card, to help establish a local credit cooperative in the Payatas district of Quezon City, Manila. Read more...

Sikoba Montly Update - September 2020

This month, we signed our first commercial contract to create a co-branded, custom version of SikobaPay. Our Kenyan partner, Chelma, introduced Sikoba to women entrepreneurs in Kisii County. Read more...


Sikoba's founder Alex Kampa gave a pitch on Pitch Your Startup competition on 15th of September at 2020 ICT Spring. Three pitch events took place from November 2019 to September 2020 with more than 320 applications from 8 categories.

Event organised by Brussels Blockchain/Ethereum meetup. Event details and recording.

During this online Ask-Me-Anything Session we answered questions about the current state of SikobaPay project. Recording of the livestream.

In this meetup, we introduced itugen, which will be a blockchain platform exclusively dedicated to e-voting. Using the most recent advances in zero-knowledge protocols as well as quantum-resistant cryptography, itugen will provide maximum transparency and ease of use, while ensuring voter privacy, voter confidentiality, secrecy of ongoing voting and protection against double votes. Event Details

We participated in the 191 Unicorn Battle in Zurich. The jury was composed of 20 Swiss Venture Capital experts and investors. It was nice meeting you in Zurich, thank you for your support! Event Details.

Sikoba won the Pitch Your Startup semi-finals at the European Finance Summit, in the FinTech category. This Summit was the main gathering for financial professionals to share their best practices, analyse international financial markets & trends, review the relationships between Fin and Reg-tech. Event Details.

In this meetup, we presented the current status of the SikobaPay project as we are nearing completion of the MVP. We discussed the importance of IOU economies in developing countries and looked at the project's future developments. Event DetailsRecording of the livestream.

The itugen technical paper, which is available for download from the itugen web site, was presented by Vincenzo Iovino at ITASEC20, the Italian Conference on CyberSecurity. ITASEC is the largest conference of its kind in Italy and this year’s edition took place in Ancona between the 4th and 7th February. Event Details.

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